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Mitigate fraud, retain customers, and reach a broader base of users worldwide with AI-powered identity solutions at the intersection of biometrics, privacy, and cybersecurity.

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Establishing Trust in a Digitally Connected World

Trust Stamp delivers trusted identity systems at the heart of how organisations and individuals transact in the connected world and beyond. We focus on three key areas in identity:

Trust Stamp - What we do
1. Creating identity

1. Creating identity

Trust Stamp's radical innovations in biometrics and data protection empower people to access more with identity that can be safely shared and stored.

2. Powering transactions that enfranchise all parties involved

2. Powering transactions that enfranchise all parties involved

When our identity technology is used to open a bank account or access a public service, both the individual and organisation achieve higher levels of protection and confidence in the security of their data and the integrity of their systems. Trust Stamp's solutions elevate all sides of an identity system.

3. Mitigating risk to identity data

3. Mitigating risk to identity data

Our technology limits the potential for misuse of identity data and damage due to data loss.

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Our Differentiators

Proven Solutions

Our secure identity solutions are trusted by leading financial institutions and organisations of all sizes across areas of regulatory compliance, government initiatives, real estate, communications, and humanitarian services.

Proven Solutions

Innovative R&D

Trust Stamp tackles global challenges in identity with patented transformation algorithms, deep neural networks and other leading-edge AI.

Innovative R&D

Focus on Inclusion

With device and vendor-agnostic technology that can be leveraged to utilise any biometric or other form of sensitive data for secure, privacy-protected identification in online and offline environments, our solutions are designed to work for anyone, anywhere in the world.

Emerging Markets
Focus on Inclusion

Global, Cross-Industry Expertise

Our cross-disciplinary team has strong technical expertise in data, AI, biometrics, machine learning, and maths, along with extensive experience in leadership, management, sales, and corporate development.

Global, Cross-Industry Expertise

Powerful Partnerships

Trust Stamp works with leading innovators in biometrics, artificial intelligence, identity and finance to develop transformative solutions that meet industry needs.

Powerful Partnerships
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Initiatives and Solutions Powered by Trust Stamp


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