Tokenized Identity and Zero Knowledge Proofs

Tokenized Identity and Zero Knowledge Proofs

Our patented technology creates tokenized identities (using a proprietary IT2 architecture) from any modality or source allowing comparison of like-modality templates from different sources, and breaking vendor lock-in.

The Irreversibly Transformed Identity Token (IT2) is created using a one-way transformation and is classified as "pseudonymized data” under legislation such as GDPR. Using our hashing to create digital identities protects against databreaches and allows controlled data sharing as only our AI can create a probabilistic zero knowledge proof as to whether two IT2s originated from the same person.

Our IT2 can also act as a pivot to unlimited externally stored data and using pivot tables, the linked data and access permissions can be changed to reflect changes in data needs and render data access “self-sovereign”.

Biometric Login

Combined with proof of life and other presentation attack detection AI’s, our hashing process identifies duplicate and synthetic identities that pass siloed KYC/AML/onboarding processes.

The IT2 can be stored on-premises and/or in the cloud and/or in a blockchain or other distributed ledger, or even on the originating device. To counter fraud, the IT2 can be stored or copied to a shared Identity Lake™ and/or used to service zero-knowledge-proofs.

Whether you need to onboard new users, provide access to existing accounts, authenticate for higher risk transactions, identify persons-of-interest, or create identities for undocumentedor thin-file subjects, our hashing technology will work with your existing and future authentication modalities to provide an unparalleled level of efficiency and security for your identity programs.