Gareth Genner
Gareth Genner - portrait

Gareth Genner


With over 20 years’ experience in founding, operational and advisory capacities, Gareth provides Trust Stamp with technical, managerial, and visionary skills, as well as legal expertise. Gareth has successfully conceptualized, implemented, scaled, and exited multiple businesses including a cloud storage enterprise which was sold, and an online educational platform which was acquired by a non-profit educational entity. Immediately prior to Trust Stamp, Gareth served as full-time CEO of Edevate LLC, and President of Pontifex University as well as part-time Chancellor of Holy Spirit. Gareth now serves as unpaid President of Pontifex University and Holy Spirit College which are managed by professional teams. A British lawyer by training, Gareth holds a U.S. LLM in International Taxation & Financial Service Regulation.

Andrew Gowasack
Andrew Gowasack - portrait

Andrew Gowasack


An economist by education, Andrew began his career in financial services sales and marketing. Although Trust Stamp is Andrew’s first start-up, he has immersed himself in the lean-start-up environment by completing incubator programs through Founder’s Space in San Francisco, QC FinTech in Charlotte, Plug and Play in both Silicon Valley and the United Arab Emirates and NAR REach® in Chicago. Each of these programs has provided a unique perspective and honed a distinct set of startup skills. Prior to joining Trust Stamp, Andrew worked at Ashford Advisers, a financial services company, where he worked as a Marketing Coordinator until joining the Company. As President, Andrew oversees business development and operations and acts as Chief Product Evangelist.

Management team

Scott Francis - portrait

Scott Francis


Mike Battersby - portrait

Mike Battersby

President Trust Stamp Europe

David Story
David Story - portrait

David Story

Board Chair, MD Trust Stamp Europe

Alex Valdes - portrait

Alex Valdes


Dr. Norman Poh - portrait

Dr. Norman Poh

Chief Science Officer

Emma Lindley - portrait

Emma Lindley

Chief Commercial Officer

John Bridge - portrait

John Bridge

EVP Government & Law Enforcement

Kinny Chan - portrait

Kinny Chan

EVP, CEO Trusted Mail

Sandeep Virk - portrait

Sandeep Virk


Lesley-Ann Vaughan - portrait

Lesley-Ann Vaughan

Executive Advisor – Humanitarian and Development

Daryl Burns - portrait

Daryl Burns

Executive Advisor Cryptography & Security

Dr. Niel Kempson - portrait

Dr. Niel Kempson

Executive Advisor, Technical Capability

Conor Headon - portrait

Conor Headon

Executive Advisor

Mike Ryan - portrait

Mike Ryan

Executive Advisor

Laura Coffey - portrait

Laura Coffey

Executive Advisor - Partnerships

Mike Cepe - portrait

Mike Cepe

VP Quality Assurance

Jacek Suwalski - portrait

Jacek Suwalski

VP Product Delivery

David Burge - portrait

David Burge

Vice President

Melissa Salyk Virk - portrait

Melissa Salyk Virk

Vice President

Nisha Naik - portrait

Nisha Naik

Marketing / Communications Director

Science, Engineering, Research and Development

  • Dr. Luke Arpino – Research Lead
  • Dr. Leanne Attard – R&D Lead
  • Sylwek Brzęczkowski – Tech Lead
  • Luke Camilleri – AI Engineer
  • Dr. David Grima – Lead Researcher
  • Miles Guilford – AI Engineer / Training Lead
  • Piotr Klibert – AI Engineer
  • Alexander Kononenko – AI Engineer
  • Sergey Kospanov – AI Engineer
  • Mateusz Misiak – AI Engineer
  • Joe Morris – AI Engineer
  • Cezary Nowak – AI Engineer
  • Dr. Ramprakash S. Puri – Senior AI Engineer
  • Jacek Szpot – AI Engineer
  • Jakub Zalewski – AI Engineer
  • Anna Tenenbaum – Project Manager
  • Dr. Thao Pham – Data Analyst and Assistant to CSO
  • Elmer Pineda – Full Stack Engineer
  • Atelia Gomes – Software Developer
  • Anthony Attard – Trainee AI Engineer
  • Jonathan Buttigieg – Trainee AI Engineer
  • Luka Djincharadze – Trainee AI Engineer
  • Carlos Galea – Trainee AI Engineer
  • Ian Padovani – Trainee AI Engineer
  • Josef Portelli – Trainee AI Engineer
  • Omid Sarei – Trainee AI Engineer
  • Deborah Vella – Trainee AI Engineer
  • Abigail Galea – Graduate Intern
  • Emanuel Micallef – Graduate Intern

Operations, Sales and Support

  • Tracy Ming – Financial Controller
  • Matthew Brawley – Sales Operations
  • Adam Ridgway – Sales Development Rep
  • Amber Butler – Trainee Legal Executive/Researcher
  • Clara Werner – Trainee Legal Executive
  • Esme Wardhaugh – Office Manager Malta, Global Community Coordinator
  • Jennifer Batters – Office Manager Cheltenham
  • Barbara Genner – Global IP Licensing
  • Phoebe Hargrave – NGO Research & Relationships

Quality Assurance

  • Ivan Buenaobra – QA Engineer
  • Melchor R. Casipit Jr. – QA Engineer
  • Sovan Ghoshal – QA Engineer
  • Jeydee Lumbis – QA Engineer
  • Walid Ma'arouf – QA Engineer
  • Stephanie Magpantay – QA Engineer
  • Aaron Torres – QA Engineer

Corporate Board

Mark Birschbach - portrait

Mark Birschbach

Non-Executive Director

Billy D’Arcy - portrait

Billy D’Arcy

Independent Non-Executive Director

Stacia Hylton - portrait

Stacia Hylton

Independent Non-Executive Director

Sarah-Jill Lennard - portrait

Sarah-Jill Lennard

Independent Non-Executive Director

Bill McClintock - portrait

Bill McClintock

Non-Executive Director

Jane McCracken (Karwoski) - portrait

Jane McCracken (Karwoski)

Independent Non-Executive Director

Advisory Board

Buffy Christie - portrait

Buffy Christie

Director of Global Security at Novelis

David Garland - portrait

David Garland

MD Second Century Ventures

James Gaughran - portrait

James Gaughran

Former Deputy Assistant Inspector, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General

Sam Guttman - portrait

Sam Guttman

Chairman, International Association of Fraud Investigators

Frank Hanna III - portrait

Frank Hanna III

Founder, FSH Capital

John Leather - portrait

John Leather

Expert, UK Payments Industry

Fred Niehaus - portrait

Fred Niehaus

Managing Partner, Interactive Global Solutions

Charles Potts - portrait

Charles Potts

SVP and Chief Innovation Officer at ICBA

Frank Tighe - portrait

Frank Tighe

Lead Entrepreneur in Residence, ATDC

Kristin Slink - portrait

Kristin Slink