Our Mission

Our mission is to create transformational technology that accelerates secure societal and financial inclusion.


Current Issues

Synthetic Identity Fraud

Fraudsters have access to fraudulent identification documents which allow them to pass siloed biometric systems. Annually, over $40 Billion lost to synthetic and stolen identity fraud and over $20 Billion lost to legitimate transactions failing legacy authentication


Legacy identity authentication takes place in a “silo” with matched data required for authentication. Data points used are virtually always PII and data leakage at one institution can invalidate authentication at multiple institutions.

Financial Inclusion

Over 2 Billion people globally are undocumented & financially excluded, and 4 Billion people are financially under-served. This represents a potential $3.7 Trillion annual growth in global GDPR.

Our Vision

A world where secure, trusted identity is a universal human right, empowering opportunity and access – and technical interoperability facilitates an open ecosystem, enabling barrier-free global value exchange

Secure & Trusted Identity for all People

Every human being, regardless of location or connectivity, has an established existence and a means of proving their identity without the need to share personal records

Opportunity & Access

Access to services is no longer limited by a person’s ability to prove identity, making the opportunity for economic mobility and elevated quality of life universal

Barrier-Free Global Value Exchange

The ability to confidently make secure, convenient transactions is ubiquitous

Our Principles

Trust Stamp's core biometric principles provide the framework to navigate the complex, evolving world of digital identity to ensure that our technologies are used ethically, are implemented equitably, and power solutions in line with Trust Stamp’s mission and vision.

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