Trust Stamp is an artificial intelligence company focused on providing identity solutions at the intersection of biometrics, privacy, and cybersecurity. We are based out of the US, UK and EU, and have team members located across the world.

We have a team of 46+ experienced developers, artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers, data scientists and business leaders that work to address pressing needs in the identity space, from enterprise data security to humanitarian aid distribution. Our solutions are used by S&P 500 bank clients and small businesses alike to identify fraud, improve customer onboarding and experience, and increase financial inclusion, all while protecting privacy. Trust Stamp solves real world problems with a passionate and dynamic team at our core.

Open Positions

We are now growing a new R&D hub in Malta and seeking to fill positions that will include collaboration with colleagues in the US, UK, Poland and the Philippines. Trust Stamp aims to bring the brightest innovators from all over the world together, so we are happy to discuss how we can support relocation for those outside of the EU.

Trust Stamp in PolandTrust Stamp team memberstrust Stamp in UK